In the presence of the Honorable Jean-Pierre Nirua,
Minister of Education


Certificate of Registration 

Vanuatu Skul Tuketa Kooperative

Meet The Team


Stephane Yawiko

President of VSTK

DEC Director

Nalo Matan

Vice-Presisdent of VSTK

FELP Director


Director / Registrar

Office of the registrar of Coopératives and business Development services

Manses KALO

Director School of Frewota 


Secretary - Director School « Sainte Jeanne D’arc »

Delma JOEL

Vice Secretary
Director Kawenu Primary School



Joseph TIMATOA - Vanuatu Teachers' Director - Senior teacher administration officer - In charge of public relations with the Ministry of Education.


Henriette TARENNE - In charge of teacher training - Consultant - In charge of Teacher Awareness for Vanuatu.


Catherine WARIAL - Director Primary School Saint Joseph - In charge of communication (meetings, meetings, audit ...) among teachers and members of the cooperative.


Antoine THYNA - Director of the Department of Education at the NGO PEACE CORP / In charge of educating teachers about Port Vila.


Marc MENON - Director A.U.F Vanuatu / University Agency of La Francophonie / Consultant for secondary education, university and development of distance education and training programs for students members of the Cooperative.


Michelle BOURIE - President of the association Pikinini Vanuatu / In charge of the social actions of the cooperative for the whole Vanuatu.


Frederic THYNA - Corner Stone Cabinet / Legal Counsel.


Isabelle TIKLIANI - Accountant Air Vanuatu / Accounting, Audit, Financial Transactions Monitoring.


Fabiano VINABIT - Reserve Bank of Vanuatu / In charge of the relations between the cooperative and the financial institutions.


Charles SILYE - Senior OfficerBSP / In charge of relations between the cooperative and the financial institutions, financial advisor to the Cooperative.


David BARBEREAU - SACADO INC / Import / Export Consultant / Relationships between suppliers, members, and co-op office.

Carla BARBEREAU - Tropikali Design / Graphic & Web Designer


Joseph TAMATA - CNS IT solutions / Consultant for digital development, IT.


David TIMATUA - 7 years at the National Bank of Vanuatu / Commercial department of the cooperative / Administrative Manager / Cooperative employee



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Based in the South Pacific Countries.
We regularly intervene in social, school
and humanitarian programs.