Nearly 300 years ago, a serious problem of poverty, exclusion and inequality, men and women invented and proposed a new way to meet their needs: the cooperative and the mutual society. The model, inspired by a balance between values of equality, democracy, freedom, equity, solidarity and care, has evolved between practice and the ideal.

Pacifikoop is the result of a project between principals of schools, teachers, actors of the education movement, church schools directors  with the support of the Ministry of National Education, the Director General of Education, the Director of the National Cooperative, the Ministry of Business,  citizens who wants the education system to improve, parents who wants a different and hopeful future for their children but also leaders of non-profit associations, and members of non-governmental organizations (N.G.O). All these actors are participating actively in order to ensure a better future for our Pacific south region.




This cooperative will never be recovered for the purpose of political ambitions, we commit ourselves, and according to the charter signed by the members of the office, this cooperative stays non-profit.

Pacifikoop is a consumer cooperative . It was established in 2016 and its head office is based in Port Vila, Capital of Vanuatu.


Our consumer cooperative is active in several industry branches :     

- Food    

- Habitation    

- Goods and services in schools    

- Day-care center    

- Cable industry     

- Services of hobbies     

- Transportation service for schools


By joining our consumer cooperative, our members maximize the impact of their own business. The cooperative then becomes an extension of the individual business by acting as an efficient network.


We will come back in another file on the ambition of our cooperative to diversify into other cooperative frameworks such as Microcredit, Cooperative producers, Cooperative solidarity, … The main steps, supported by the government, the National Cooperative, the Ministry of Commerce, the Bureau of Statistics, feasibility studies, market research schools and high schools, started in 2015. Our cooperative now includes more than 150 schools, from Port Vila up until the rural areas of Efate, and substantially in the islands of the archipelago (see chart of membership by islands and cities).



Since March 2016, our Cooperative has opened its registrations to schools, secondary schools and professionals. The success was immediate, and the awareness has been effective all around the Souh pacific countrys. It is largely due to a dedicated and enthusiastic team of volunteers, all from the national education, active and retired. The ultimate goal is to raise awareness among all educational institutions in Vanuatu (423 institutions). Since October 2016, pacifikoop accepts parents of students with one or several children enrolled in a affiliate school, to become a member with a FREE registration . The ultimate goal is to bring together 150,000 parents across South Pacific Islands.

The primary goal of Pacifikoop is to create an optimal volume of purchases of imported products, grouped, to allow our members to benefit from « direct suppliers or factories » .

our cooperative
is organized in

 7 principles. 



Voluntary membership and open to all (parents of students, schools ..) The leaders are democratically elected by and among the members. All members, without discrimination, vote according to the principle: one person, one vote



Democratic power exercised by members The cooperative and its members should show mutual solidarity with each other and towards the community.



Economic participation of members All members, whether as associates or as elected members, are responsible for the cooperative



Autonomy and independence The cooperative is a tool of services for the present and future generations



Education, training and information The cooperative has a practice of transparency towards its members and the community.



Cooperation between cooperatives The cooperative contributes to regional development and local roots.



Commitment to the community The cooperative provides services and products for the benefit of all its members in order to meet their economic and social needs.