hybrid TRIKE

"No more gas guzzling,

no more harmful emissions,
no more noise pollution."

Take your passengers to all your local tourist spots. This solar-powered HYBRID Trike has an extended range of over 300km with its added 10.5L petrol generator.


100 Km

Electric Power Range


6-10 Hours

Fast Charge

Star 8 Green.png

5 Seats



60 Km/h

Top Speed

With 4kw motor capacity and the seating capacity of up to six, this workhorse of a Tuk-Tuk has the added benefit of a small combustion engine to extend the range from 80km with full load up to an amazing 300km. The extender motor does not power the vehicle but generates power to trickle feed the battery once the battery levels deplete into recharge mode.

The Hybrid is available in both standard and Lithium Ion battery models, lithium option adding approximately 20% to the standard battery range. Both models have complimentary solar roofing to add a further dimension in the form of further extending the range by approximately 18km. Either model represents the best of all worlds, combining electricity and solar with a small combustion back up to use as and when required.