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3-4 people - Starts 3.3/ m3

The digester, PACIFIKOOP, also called BioGas reactor or methanizer, is a tank used in the methanisation process which produces BioGas thanks to a anaerobic fermentation process of organic materials from various sources. We offer several shapes and sizes of digesters in the form of a sealed pit, into which compounds are poured to facilitate digestion. The gas is formed and rises to the surface. The digester sludge accumulated at the bottom, called digestate, can be drained and used as fertilizer. 

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PACIFIKOOP, BioGas system works with all organics waste by transforming it into BioGas for free energy ! 


Anaerobic digestion is a bio-chemical reaction which happens naturally on the condition of absence of oxygen. BioGas digester is a man-made anaerobic digestion device. Feeding organic waste into the BioGas digester, bacteria inside of the BioGas digester naturally breakdown the organic matter into two amazing by-products ; BioGas (50-75% methane content) and fertilize. With the help of the man-made biodigester, BioGas can be collected easily by the gas pipe and used as cooking fuel, fertilizer can be easily collected from the outlet to irrigate plants/crops

PACIFIKOOP offers you 2 options ; 

Generator comes appart from first option

Second options includes generator

chiko farm digester ex in assembly
Chiko farm digester