Green Bubble House

The future of modular construction in the Pacific

Anti-seismic & High resistance to Cyclones 

A construction perfectly adapted to the Pacific islands, the finished project is fully Natural & éco friendly, the impact on the environment is zero, all the renewable energy are available for "Green Bubble House ©" - Biogas - Solar panels - Solar water pump - Rainwater recuperator - thus offering a perfect autonomy to this installation of the future with comfort and safety for its occupants.


A very round construction which does not present angles to the gusts of the winds and being able to resist to pressures of 930 hPa that is to say more than 230 Km H. (average winds on 10 mnts in Km H).


This technological innovation, thanks to its assembly system, also guarantees resistance to seismic tremors up to 10 on the Richter scale. The balance of forces applied globally makes it possible to dimension the general stability of the construction: bracing, lifting, tilting, wind resistance, anchoring to the ground.

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