Elevation available? Let gravity do the work.

John. F Kennedy said: ”If we could produce fresh water from salt water at a low cost, that would
indeed be a great service to humanity, and would dwarf any other scientific accomplishment.”
Now, we can do it sustainable.
We developed the world’s first solar powered reverse osmosis without batteries. The best thing:
it works 24 hours a day. Our off-grid reverse osmosis technology directly uses solar, wind or
wave energy to fill a buffer tank on a hill with seawater. Using the natural force of gravity, the
reverse osmosis process receives its required feed: pressurized seawater. We make sure the salt
water buffer always contains water for constant fresh water production, resulting in very low cost
of water. Then comes the crucial step: the waste energy of the reverse osmosis process is re-used
to reduce the required elevation with 80% to 90 m or 290 ft for seawater.
This means unlimited sustainable water from abundant resources for islands and coastal regions.
Freshwater scarcity: not anymore.
We use the forces of nature at its best for an independent guilt-free water supply. By avoiding
energy conversion losses, batteries & complex maintenance, savings up to 70% of the water
expenses are possible. The bigger, the better, as water generation cost come down with size of
production. Sizes of the solar reverse osmosis technology start small and go up to millions of
liters of clean water production per day.


The pump and controller directly utilize the renewable energy availableThe salt-water resistant pump displaces the source water towards the elevated water buffer andthe reverse osmosis process. Through the combination of the controller and pump, the energygenerated by the renewable energy source is very efficiently converted into pumping motion.The pump speed varies depending on the availability of the renewable energy source. It requiresno auxiliary energy source and is very low on maintenance.

The world, solar desalination is a no-brainer.

The Virgin Islands consists of numerous beautifull islands surrounded by seawater. A lack of rainfall results in vegetables that aren’t growing and cisterns that are running dry. Droughts are re-occurring yearly.

Desalinated water provided for the community is anything but cheap. With the high electricity and water tariffs on the Virgin Islands, the payback of a desalination solution for a private property, community or a resort is short and the savings are substantial.

Water kiosk ready for operation
Solar desalinated water production
Compact, efficient desalination unit.
Water flowing out of the tap.
Fresh water storage.

Controlling cost, quality, access and impact.

Clean water supply is a major problem in the Philippines, ranking 97th in global access to cleandrinking water and having the highest water cost in SE Asia. This project in La Union, Luzonenables potable water at lower expenses, while using the unlimited resources of the sea and sun.Using a containerized solution which has the solar panels mounted on the roof and the watertreatment station inside, the unit was installed within 2 weeks. A water tank has been provided to store the clean water on-site.