"No more gas guzzling,

no more harmful emissions,
no more noise pollution."

Transport your passengers in comfort and style. The 6-seater Luxury Trike consumes no gas and is the perfect people mover.


100 Km

Electric Power Range


10 Hours

Fast Charge

Star 8 Green.png

6 Seats



60 Km/h

Top Speed

All this in the fully electric, solar Luxury Trike. No emissions, noise pollution, no stopping for petrol. Low operating overheads make this a very commercially viable investment in the environment as well as good business

 Leather interior, luxurious seating for as many as ten passengers. You will enjoy the soft suspension ride that will smooth out any rough patches on the roads in style. It features interior lighting and easy access for all passengers via side and rear doors. You can even charge your mobile device on route with USB outlets.