"No more gas guzzling,

no more harmful emissions,
no more noise pollution."


140 Km

Electric Power Range


6-10 Hours

Fast Charge

Star 8 Green.png

5 Seats



60 Km/h

Top Speed

Complimentary solar roof extends the electric powered range to a very healthy 140km. With five passengers on board and a cruising speed of approximately 60kmph the W5 services the tourist and central business districts perfectly. Environmentally conscious classic tuk-tuk, no petrol required, no pollution, it just makes sense

Classics never go out of style. The W5 Trike represents the next generation of Solar Kool Trike while maintaining the look of the iconic vehicle that has been the mainstay of the public transport system in many Asian cities. Sturdy construction to cope with the rigors of constant use, added protection for the driver with full windscreen and drop down curtains for the passenger.