SOLAR water pump

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Solar water pump
Solar water pump

Offer you the best solutions for you Free energy and for a best future.

This serie of WATER PUMP SOLAR SYSTEM is dedicated for all schools sizes and capacity . Of course you have to provide us a maximum of informations about you daily power consumption by providing one of you last electricity bill.

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What are SP Pump Systems

Our pump systems are high quality products designed and installed for drinking water supply, liverstock watering and smaller irrigation applications without any pollution.

Our pump systems are specially designed and manufactured to use solar power directly. Non infrastructure or grid is required for site selection. Optional grid can be back-up to meet the day and night runnig without disturb.

Our pump system consists of a motor integrated pump, a inverter and fitted solar PV modules. This simple modular can realize simple installation, accessible operation and low cost of ownership.





Solar water pump has a wide range of applications, such as offering domestic water, helping agricultural and forestry irrigation and disertification control. It can also supply water to sea islands, animal husbandry, and water treatment projects.

With the promotion of new energy utilization, recently the usage of solar water pump is increasing. You can find them in government projects, landscape architectures and fountains of city squares, parks, tourist attractions, sometimes hotels and residential areas.

Solar water pump
Solar water pump